ProfitDuel Review (2024) Everything You Need To Know

You’re considering signing up to ProfitDuel’s service. Probably after hearing how it can help maximize your matched betting profits.

Using free tutorials like the detailed matched betting guide here on MatchedIncome are a great start to your matched betting journey. However, the key to making long-term significant profit is using matched betting tools.

Tools like ProfitDuel are designed to help you find the optimum bets (increasing profit) in the easiest way possible (reducing time spent).

ProfitDuel Logo

ProfitDuel is an American matched betting service offering a comprehensive set of matched betting tools backed up by detailed tutorials and a community.

I’ve been matched betting for over 10 years, having been a long-time subscriber to services in both the UK and Australia. I know a thing or two about what makes a good matched betting service.

This ProfitDuel review will cover all the different features available when you subscribe, and I’ll evaluate whether the service really can help you supercharge your matched betting profits.

Matched betting is only possible in a few states
It’s possible to earn money through matched betting in any US state that has legalised online sports betting. Currently, that is limited to New Jersey, New York, and Arizona only. Matched betting is coming to more states soon.

Read more: Matched betting in New Jersey.

Who are ProfitDuel

The gambling industry can be a shady place, with a reputation that precedes it. So, if you’re going to pay out of your own pocket, you need to know it’s going to people who can be trusted.

I certainly wouldn’t pay for a matched betting service with no track record. Since ProfitDuel was launched in 2023, that makes it an incredibly new service.

Fortunately, ProfitDuel has been launched by the team behind OddsMonkey, a hugely successful matched betting service from the UK. They’ve been operating that service since 2011 and understand matched betting better than anyone else. The company has grown to have over 20 people supporting thousands of matched bettors.

Both OddsMonkey and ProfitDuel are founded by Paul King, who brings a fantastic reputation for providing the most user-friendly and advanced matched betting tools. I subscribed to OddsMonkey for about 5 years back when I was living in the UK and loved the service.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to review ProfitDuel when it was launched, because I know it’s created by people who know the ins and outs of matched betting and bring a huge amount of experience.

I just hoped that the product matched up to the reputation.

Where Is ProfitDuel Available?

Currently, ProfitDuel is only available to residents of New Jersey.

Due to strict regulations, you won’t be able to avail of the offers in ProfitDuel if you don’t live in New Jersey. I don’t recommend attempting to spoof or otherwise circumvent these restrictions.

They are planning to launch in more states shortly. New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio are next on the list, although no timelines have been provided.

Top Service

ProfitDuel makes the process of matched betting quicker, simpler and more profitable. They provide useful tools for identifying the best bets, along with a growing community of members who can help you whenever you get stuck. We've been a member since they first launched.


  • Easy to use bet-finder tool.
  • Detailed guides for beginners.
  • Facebook and Discord communities.
  • Highly lucrative casino offers.

ProfitDuel Features

ProfitDuel have launched with a core set of matched betting features. I’ll share each of the features and any limitations that currently exist, including:

  • Guides – 34 guides covering both matched betting and casino offers.
  • Sportsbook Offers Database – 18 sportsbook welcome offers to follow.
  • Dutching Matcher – Easily find optimal bets on sporting events.
  • Profit Tracker – Track each bet and your overall profit.
  • Casino Offers – Access the lucrative world of casino arbitrage.
  • Community – Connect with other active matched bettors and get advice from experienced mentors.

Whilst this site focuses heavily on matched betting with Sportsbooks, it’s great to see ProfitDuel also launch with detailed guides on casino arbitrage. Whilst a slightly more complicated concept to grasp, this is highly profitable.

Detailed Guides

ProfitDuel have documented 34 extensive guides covering everything you would need to learn about matched betting.

Currently, these include 25 matched betting and 11 casino arbitrage guides. There have already been a few new guides and improvements posted during the weeks I’ve been trialing the service, so these numbers could become out of date quite quickly!

What’s amazing is that some of the guides are available free when you sign up for the Free Trial. These will get you through your first matched bet and will earn up to $140 in profit.

Some of the guides have both video and text summaries, whilst others are purely text or purely video. I think it’s important that ProfitDuel continue to build out all the guides in both formats to suit different learning types.

A couple of the guides are incredibly basic pages, which is disappointing. For example, the page on “What is Dutching” consists of 124 words and potentially leaves more questions than answers. I’d like to see them flesh these out to provide more comprehensive tutorials.

A neat feature is the ability to mark each tutorial as ‘read’ so you can keep track of what you have or haven’t read.

I found that it wasn’t particularly clear which order to complete the guides in. Whilst there isn’t actually an order that must be followed, it would be helpful if ProfitDuel pointed you down a rough flow of guides that built on each other.

Overall, there is definitely enough information to get you matched betting confidently. They could make these guides a more polished experience, but the limitations aren’t going to prevent you from making profits.

Sportsbook Offers Database

The core concept of matched betting is qualifying for sportsbook offers so we can convert them into profits. As such, it makes sense that ProfitDuel’s best feature is their database of offers.

Whilst all of these are publicly available, it’s very useful having them all in one place.

Each offer is clearly presented alongside the amount of profit you can make, as well as how long it should take you to complete the offer.

The recommended bankroll is how much cash you need to place bets that make the most profit possible from the offer. You can always take advantage of offers without claiming the full bonus, but this is just leaving money on the table. You can’t go back and repeat welcome bonuses!

On its own, a list of bonuses available certainly isn’t worth the subscription fee. However, ProfitDuel also provide detailed step-by-step guides on how to profit from each offer.

This is the equivalent of someone walking you through every single offer. A helping hand so you can focus on placing the right bets.

They even read all of the terms and conditions, making sure you are following all the rules to qualify for the bonus. Whilst they do recommend reading the t&c’s yourself for every offer, I found that every offer I checked was up-to-date with the right instructions.

The tool allows you to track offer status, add reminders, and record your bets. It’s a one-stop-shop to making sure you’re extracting all the available profit from each welcome bonus.

As of January 2024, ProfitDuel haven’t launched their offering for ‘Ongoing Offers’. These are regular incentives and bonuses that sportsbooks provide to existing customers that all us to make profits from matched betting every week. I’m not sure when this will be launched, but it will seriously enhance the offering when it does.

Dutching Matcher

This is the key value that any matched bettor will get from any service. This one tool alone will pay off any reasonable subscription fee with the additional profits and time it saves you.

When finding suitable bets, we are always looking for odds that are close together (e.g +200 and -200) because this reduces our qualifying loss on each bet. When placing qualifying bets, we want the odds to be low and close together. When placing bonus bets, we want the odds to be high and close together.

A ‘dutching matcher’ is a tool that scans bookmaker websites and automatically calculates how profitable each bet is, depending on whether it’s a qualifying or bonus bet.

This makes the process of finding profitable bets take seconds instead of manually checking multiple sportsbook sites and multiple sports events.

As you can see, the Dutch Matcher has immediately identified numerous opportunities with a 100% rating for qualifying bets across multiple sportsbooks. Perfect.

What makes this even more powerful is all the filtering options. You can filter by:

  • Sports and Events – Perhaps your bonus bet is only eligible on certain sports, or a specific event. You can show only opportunities that are relevant to that offer.
  • Primary Sportsbook – This would be the sportsbook you’re currently working on an offer with. Focus in on only the opportunities that are useful right now.
  • Secondary Sportsbook – You won’t be signed up to most of the sportsbooks when you get started, so being able to select just the sportsbooks you have accounts with is very useful.
  • Min / Max Rating – Only show bets that will result in a limited qualifying loss, or earn a minimum percentage of your bonus as profit. The higher the better, although 100% ratings can sometimes make it seem like you’re a ‘value’ gambler and result in sportsbooks placing limitations on your account.
  • Min / Max Odds – Useful when you only have a limited amount of bankroll. Trying to match a bet at odds of 500+ requires quite a big stake at the second bookmaker to balance out your potential winnings, which is money you might not have available.
  • Event Time – The tool will show any events it can find odds for, although you likely don’t want to wait 5+ days with your money stuck waiting for an event to happen. You can limit results to the next couple of days and speed up the matched betting process.

You can even set up a certain filter and save it for easy access the next time you load up the tool.

The only complaint I have with the tool is that it needs to be manually refreshed every time you want to see updated opportunities. Odds can move quite quickly close to the start of any event, so having to click refresh makes things a bit more challenging.

The last awesome feature I want to call out is when you click on the calculator within any opportunity. It opens up a smart popup that tells you everything you need to do when placing your bets.

Quickly adjust your bet type or stake and let the calculator do all of the hard work or you. I personally think this is a beautiful way of displaying how a matched bet works, and makes it very easy to understand.

Profit Tracker

If there’s one piece of advice that I give to everyone starting matched betting, it’s to always keep records of every bet. I talk about matched betting being totally risk-free, but that’s only true without human errors.

One major mistake is to ‘forget’ about a bet you’ve placed and not matched against. At that point, you’re accidentally gambling.

The Profit Tracker is a tool that allows you to register your bets and calculates your total profit over time. You can load bets into the profit tracker directly from the Dutch Matcher.

You can easily see your profits grow month by month, as well as linked to the most profitable sportsbooks.

Lastly, you’ll be able to record the settlements of each bet, so you know which bet won at each sportsbook.

Compared to more advanced profit tracking systems built in Excel that I’ve used before, the Profit Tracker by ProfitDuel is very simple. For example, it lacks the ability to track Parlays, and it can’t track your balance in each sportsbook.

What it lacks in advanced features, it more than makes up in ease of use and convenience. Directly loading bets from the screen you’re finding the opportunities from is really easy. For beginners, it’s a fantastic tracking tool.

Casino Offers

Matched betting using sportsbooks is a way to guarantee profit. There’s a mathematical certainty and it’s possible to know your financial outcome before the event has happened.

Casino offers are a little more complicated, as they revolve around ‘Expected Value’. The concept that even if you don’t win all of the time, you have an edge that leave you with more profits than losses over multiple attempts.

Casino offers are a more advanced technique where you can lose money. It’s highly recommended to focus on matched betting first before progressing onto casino offers.

All those warnings aside, it’s possible to make thousands of dollars through casino arbitrage. Over time and qualifying for multiple offers, it’s very unlikely you would lose money.

Just like the sportsbook welcome bonuses, ProfitDuel provides a list of offers and the expected value of each offer.

When navigating into each offer, they even walk through a step-by-step guide to maximizing the chances of making a profit from each offer. I highly recommend you follow these guides exactly as provided.

To complement the casino offering, ProfitDuel also offer a ‘casino simulator‘ that will calculate how much money can be made from any offer, as well as the risk of possibly losing your entire deposit. There’s also a ‘blackjack simulator‘ which explains exactly what to do in each possible scenario.

Lastly, there’s a slots database of the best slots to wager on to reduce the risk of losing. Slots have two key factors: return to player, and variance. Each slot is slightly different, and we want to maximize return to player and minimize variance. ProfitDuel’s database is perfect for finding the best slots to use for offers.


Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have used matched betting to profit from sportsbook offers. There’s a huge global community of people with a lot of experience, many of whom are active on forums and within private communities.

ProfitDuel have launched their own community spaces on Facebook and Discord.

At the time of writing this review, It’s only been a few weeks since they launched and it’s still quiet on the community front. There’s very limited visible activity on both the Facebook and Discord.

Whilst this is a negative on the surface, I actually put a more positive spin on it for two reasons:

  1. Bespoke Support – Whilst the community is still growing, the ProfitDuel team are very active supporting people and providing 1-on-1 guidance. It’s much harder to do that when there are hundreds or thousands of people asking questions.
  2. You’re Early To The Opportunity – I always wished that I had started matched betting earlier on. Being early is often the most profitable time for matched betting, and a small community of people proves that you’re still early. The opportunity is huge.

Chris and the team at ProfitDuel are a super friendly group, who are invested in making sure you get the most out of matched betting.

Subscription Cost

ProfitDuel has a free trial that makes it easy to sign up and profit from your first matched bet. It’s a no-risk exercise, so it’s a no-brainer to sign up and follow their free guides. They walk you through an offer with an expected profit of $140, which is a fantastic deal.

Even if you don’t want to pay for ProfitDuel, it’s still well worth opening a free trial account.

To get access to the full suite of features, including all sportsbook offers, casino offers and the dutching matcher, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription.

A ProfitDuel subscription costs $99/month but they often run offers that bring that cost down permanently. Here’s the latest offer:

How Much Can You Profit With ProfitDuel?

Your potential profits are determined by how many sportsbooks and casinos are operating in your state. Some states are significantly more profitable than others.

As ProfitDuel is currently only operating in New Jersey, New York, and Arizona, these profits aren’t available to everyone in the USA.

I’ll share the potential profits for the ~9 million people in New Jersey. From matched betting, you can expect to earn around $4,500 guaranteed profit plus any ongoing offers that are available to you.

From casino arbitrage, you can expect to make around an additional $5,000 although this will be variable for every person.

That makes the ProfitDuel subscription seem totally insignificant. The matched betting profits alone would pay for over 12 years of subscription.

You can even make it even greater value by signing up for a 12 month subscription. With the recent launch, they’re offering some crazy deals on yearly subscriptions.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, ProfitDuel is still a work in progress across a few areas.

They’re missing an alerts feature to flag when good bets are available, and without ongoing offers being listed it potentially limits your potential earnings. The Dutch Matcher is an awesome feature but the constant need to refresh odds is a bit difficult.

That’s all the negatives out of the way. Fortunately, they are totally outnumbered by the positives.

ProfitDuel is an awesome matched betting service for beginners. They’ll walk you through the exact steps to make your first profits, then make sure you’re making the most of all available welcome bonuses. Having a community aspect means you can always ask questions if you get stuck.

I love that they have launched the casino guides already. This is highly profitable and I know the clever arbitrage techniques will make more than a few people thousands of dollars.

If you’re looking to get started with matched betting, you can’t go wrong with kickstarting a ProfitDuel trial. Now is the time to dip your toes in, whilst sportsbooks are offering insane welcome bonuses.

Top Service

ProfitDuel makes the process of matched betting quicker, simpler and more profitable. They provide useful tools for identifying the best bets, along with a growing community of members who can help you whenever you get stuck. We've been a member since they first launched.


  • Easy to use bet-finder tool.
  • Detailed guides for beginners.
  • Facebook and Discord communities.
  • Highly lucrative casino offers.

ProfitDuel Matched Betting Service Review

Perfect for people looking to start matched betting as a side-hustle, ProfitDuel is easy to use and guides you through the exact steps needed to earn thousands of dollars in risk-free profit. The founding team have 10+ years experience guiding people like you and me on how to make money from matched betting, and their product covers all the major features you would need.

– David | Matched Betting Pro

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